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imbecility - Dictionary definition and meaning for word imbecility

(noun) retardation more severe than a moron but not as severe as an idiot
(noun) a stupid mistake
Synonyms : betise , folly , foolishness , stupidity

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for imbecility

imbecility : break it up ... i am be(being) silly ... meaning silly , fool , stupid
49       2

by khushi5

imbecilic : foolish in this word 'cili' hai read it as silly so a person who is silly or immatured.
16       7

by sybarite

imbecility; lets break it im(bec) here bec= base imbe[cili]ty cili here is silly thus whose base or is silly is weak minded person
1       12

by chandrima

I M bec(david beckam so shortly as bec) cili(silly).some one saying dat he is david beckam. we think he is stupid and talking silly.
1       0

by gre_10

.just remember a person BEC. who is just a naive ,seeing a street dog and saying to his friend (i+m+bec +kill+eat+). hey man dnt u knw who am i , am bek just kill and eat it .
1       1

by santhosh_chakkilam

IMBECILITY...that is I aM BASIcally SILLY(Weakness of mind)
1       0

by KSahoo

imbecility read as imbekility (begging-beacuse you are weak in mind)
0       1

by itgulpp

i am "bacci"...i am foolish...i only know that i can perish animal body..dont know the meaning of life....i am foolish.....weak mind
0       1

by rahulkhadse

Sounds like Imbalance...... from mind.
0       0

by deserfox

Imbecility-i m back in city...and that was a stupid mistake
0       0

by nippi86

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