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ignominy - Dictionary definition and meaning for word ignominy

(noun) a state of dishonor
Synonyms : disgrace , shame
Example Sentence
  • one mistake brought shame to all his family
  • suffered the ignominy of being sent to prison

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for ignominy

IGNO(IGNORE)+miny(enemy)...so YOU ignore your enemy because you have a DEEP DISGRACE FOR HIM.
44       11

by preetisoni2411

ignominy = igno + mini; igno = ignorable why? because its mini = small so to ignore someone because s/he is small is shameful and dishonarable for that person so ignominy = deep disgrace.
19       7

by chandrima

ignominy: i+ GNOME +ny...when i am gnome(dwarf) i feel shamefull or humiliation
7       3

by hidus

Ignominy=Ignore+Me so if you ignore me i will fell dishonour, disgrace and shame
6       2

by fabregas

no NOMINATION for the film, is a deep ignominy
4       2

by sridif

I Got NO MoNey so I'll be dishonored.
2       2

by shadip

ME TO PAPA:" PAPA,WHY ARE YOU IGNORING MINI?" PAPA"BECAUSE SHE HAS disgraced/brought shame/deep dishonour to the family by running away with our neighbourhood uncle and getting secretly married.."....................:)
2       2

by verbal800

Defeat of enemy (Australia) in the world cup final is a joyful event for India and an ignominy for the Australia...
2       2

by NikhilAgl

mini ... wearing mini skirt bring deep disgrace to community (no problem i want to see girls in mini skirt .. hehe)
1       6

by digi123

She IGNORED Penis of mine because it was mini. that was a token of dishonor and shame on me (No offense meant).. This is a totally hypothetical situation..dont blv it
1       2

by mit006

ignore + miny(mini) >> the girl who wears mini's, we have LEAST HONOR for that girl..
1       1

by RajeshBorkar

1       1

by Jackery

Someone who practices polygamy should suffer from ignominy!
1       1

by rashik10

I Gave NO MoNY, but every body gave so I feel shame
1       0

by tharki banda

remember the last part (miny); Mini Mathur is a disgrace...
0       2

by jay_gandhi

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