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hortatory - Dictionary definition and meaning for word hortatory

(adj) giving strong encouragement
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for hortatory

While ploughing farms with bullocks, farmers say "HUR HUR ;HORT HORT" to encourage bullocks to move ahead. This is HORTATORY.
87       2

by sanjeev

HORTatory and exHORTive both mean encouraging...
10       3

by sramachandran

A hot(HORT) gal looking for a hot guy( means encouraging him to accompany her)
2       7

by kirthikian

heart+atory =encouraging
2       2


hortatory sounds somewhat like arbitrary ; sentence - No body encourages you to take arbitrary decisions..but asks to think twice before taking a decision !
1       9

by khushi5

sounds like rotatory as is go on rotating the wheel of enthusiasm to produce result
1       3

by satishx

hortatory- sounds like "whore", so if u see a whore u r obviously URGED and ENCOURAGED!! ;)
1       3

by manasmodi

1       2

by danishkhan85

Hurt at every sec !!! so need encouragement
0       2

by sashi

Help Or Run Teach A Teacher Or Recognize yourself.
0       1

by gegan5

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