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foist - Dictionary definition and meaning for word foist

(verb) to force onto another
Example Sentence
  • He foisted his work on me

(verb) insert surreptitiously or without warrant
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for foist

when you hoist the flag improperly, it is called foist.
29       23

by kartextremes

fOist fist-o......try to imagine like...u r trying to insert a pen into a tightly closed fist...but u could not... 'o' is the expression that u wer not happy with that... so the meanin is...INSERT IMPROPERLY...(you are trying to insert by force)
15       10

by Administrator

foist sounds like hoist (meaning : raised, common usage : flag hoisting) - he gave his career a "hoist" by "foist-ing" his work on a hardworking colleague
12       5

by khushi5

foist -- sounds like forest -- if you "insert into the forest improperly" animals gonna eat you :)
2       2

by somabrata

FOIST....Force Or Impose unjuSTifiably
2       0

by Keerti Sekhar Sahoo

foist = force insert
1       6

by nttrung143

you will do it "O" I "FIST" you ?
1       3


fOist....inserting sumthng forcefully in fist and trying to resist it. o is d sound by d one who is inserting...it means unnecessary forcing or thrust
1       3

by rahulmertia

1       0

by melancholica

Full into + Resist. I inserted my penis full into her vagina but she resists. Think I've inserted it improperly.
0       6

by shadip

foul insert
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