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exacerbate - Dictionary definition and meaning for word exacerbate

(verb) make worse
Synonyms : aggravate , exasperate , worsen
Example Sentence
  • This drug aggravates the pain

(verb) exasperate or irritate
Synonyms : aggravate , exasperate

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for exacerbate

Latin ex+acerb+ate; Latin acerb- means bitter, harsh; So exacerbate means to make bittter, to worsen.
60       10

by jahidmasud

if in an Exam u keep your hand on your head[ie SAR(in hindi)/CER]...you wil WORSEN your paper...
35       20

by anandalwar

"Ex Her b Ate".. her ex came and ate with her family. which worsen the relation even more.
21       11

by manishrana50

Mr.Ex(x) hit his old acer car with a bat now he worsened the condition of his car
3       6

by cyli

exacerbate:ex wife sara did not cooperate,she made it worse.
3       7


Exacerbate: Ex(Ex means old,like ExGirlFriend)+Acer(Acer Laptop)+Bate(Bat):Just Imagine ur Ex(old)Acer Laptop is not working,so u got angry and bet with a Bat(BATE),then it became more worsen,completely worsen.....ExAcerBate
2       0

by misc

Exacerbate=Ex(Extra)+ Acerbate(make worse),,so worsen
1       3

by somabrata

Exacerbate also means irritate means exasperate....hence Exacerbate= Exasperate...
1       4

by nileshdive

ex:excess acer:similar like acid; so excess acid means worst
1       2

by laaptu

sounds extra + bate(beat) >>> as he bated him too much, it worsened his condition and he is in ICU now..
1       1

by RajeshBorkar

He made everything worse by chopping her head off: AXED HER PATE
1       1

by Jackery

ex=>extra + cerb=>service given to make something worse.
1       1

by suraj101

Extra Masturbate= worsen the condition of body. One feel lot of weakness after that.
1       0

by piyush gupta

exacerbate = ex + acer = too + sharp(Greek) -> not good
0       6

by pateheo

ex+acerb+ate; imagine 'ex' from expand and acerb- means bitter, harsh; So exacerbate means to expand the bitterness so as to worsen.
0       2

by jinnie

Exam sir pe baithi hain aur beta khana nahi khara raha hain.. kyunki bemar hain..
0       1

by swap.kamble

when he (ate) an (ex)pired medicine, it worsened the fever.
0       1

by bubbleGum

EX - AKAR (acer)- BAITHA (bate)- so wen u r in park baju me ex akar baitha so it made things worse
0       0

by tushk1990

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