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endue - Dictionary definition and meaning for word endue

(verb) give qualities or abilities to
Synonyms : empower , endow , gift , indue , invest

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for endue

DUE, a cold drink. Having a chilled DUE in summer empowers you. so Endue.
12       21

by gunjanshah

Endue - END+DUE - until you 'provide with quality', you are DUE till the END.
11       0

by asheq

endue<->endow so we have to learn endow: endow=en+DOW(in hindi: to give), thus TO GiVE + some quality
7       5

by fabregas

EN+DUE, My payment is DUE if it comes I am powerful.
3       1

by animator

Looks Like Ensure...So if some one ensure about some thing ,it is os good quality....
1       10

by atluri.vinay

due <-> appropriate. Making something due to a person(Imagine some good position in office) is by givning him/her qualities
1       4

by aravindhbaskaran

Endue-'due' if we r in due(money) to anyone..we return the due with some amount as interest.. i.e; provide wid some quality...
1       0

by RohiniSree

if u enable the due then I will be powerful in money..
0       0

by shaktipada

Whatever due he wants from us give him,i.e empowering him.
0       0

by shaktipada

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