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effrontery - Dictionary definition and meaning for word effrontery

(noun) audacious (even arrogant) behavior that you have no right to
Example Sentence
  • he despised them for their presumptuousness

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for effrontery

for every discussion he comes to the FRONT and argues...in a rude manner.
91       4

by raj.manu19

think she stepped IN FRONT OF ME. How dare she be so bold!
8       8

by takingtheGRE

if u can remember the word effront, it brings to mind the rude soldiers who stand in front of the queen's palace .these people are generally rude .u try to talk to them or scold them,they dont even move ,so wen a person scolded continuosly and if he
5       17

by sriharisharma

think FTV .. and FTV is shameless !!
5       12

by rohitbahl1986

ef+front+ery to provide a front is to give support i.e in a way give resistance which means boldness..
3       7

by ajay_raju

The front of a male peacock displays extreme boldness when attracting a mate.
3       1

by Rodeokinney

affront = insult effront = rude and insulting
2       5

by jay_gandhi

when an effrontery man comes in FRONT of you you will think uff(eff) who is in FRONT of mere(ery)
2       5

by everlasting.puneet

E(bad)+Frontery(habit of coming in front of people).....effrontery
1       5

by nileshdive

front me aake teri to #$%.. shameless .. sabke samne
1       1

by swap.kamble

relate effront to affront which is a rude remark
0       4

by vivekkarumudi

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