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discomfit - Dictionary definition and meaning for word discomfit

(verb) cause to lose one's composure
Synonyms : discompose , disconcert , untune , upset

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for discomfit

discomfit- resembles discomfortable, wen u are discomfartable ,u tend to get frustrated and defeated. If ucan check the word Fit ,u can add a meaning ,by assuming,-if u are not fit(disfit) u are defeated and put to embarrasment.
23       8

by sriharisharma

When u r not comfotable u get frustrated & eventually u lose.
9       5

by Jason

DIS+CANT+FIT...it's kinda embarrassing :P
5       1

by ArDoR

DISCOmfit, remember as DISCO(dance) + FIT(fight), I lost in both of them. DEFEATED.
4       1

by gunjanshah

U show others that DIS(these) chumps COMe to ur FEET(fit) as u have defeated them. And ur defeaters r embarrassed with ur behavior.
1       0

by apoorvadubey

dis-fit-easy defeat
0       0

by prathamesh

You can compete with your enemy and prove to him, never to compete with you (dis-compete)
0       1

by subhasish

Discomfort >>> when u r not comfortable, u tend to loose concentration, feel irritated and get confused in the work u r doing..
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by RajeshBorkar

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