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descry - Dictionary definition and meaning for word descry

(verb) catch sight of
Synonyms : espy , spot , spy

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for descry

If 10(DES) people will CRY every body will notice them!!
123       5

by gremadness

sounds like describe. When you DESCRIBE something people will look at it.
33       2

by saikiran

Backward: (y-r-c-s-e-d) - You--really--can't--see--every--detail . . . at first glimpse.
4       11

by logintel

di-scover by scru-tiny
2       8

by dineshyv

descry - at a distance when people cry out loud.. you notice them... so you descry (sight) them
1       0

by adyaener

descry rhymes with discover, to findout another meaning as a verb is to discriminate or discern... so not to respond to Des(i) cry(cries) is to discriminate
1       0

by pacdee

The police asked the witness to describe what he descried
1       0

by nic42991

catch something distant we forget to close the eyes dust will fall and will cry
1       0

by sansecretcp

descry sounds like describe; You cannot describe a person by descrying; You have to be a friend or alteast be close to him
0       13

by billa2009

evoke means to memorize, rememberance (yaad dilana) like in DABBANG Sallu says kameeney se yaad aaya tumhare bhaiya ji kaise he
0       1

by prateekgdx

Temporize means avoid commiting oneself, gain time obviously when u r not commited u will save time
0       1

by prateekgdx

Amnesia means loss of memory.. in Ghajini Aamir loses his memory due to injury
0       7

by prateekgdx

descry = de + s +cry; to student cry to attract the sight of ppl.
0       0

by shaktipada

describe a far cry from here
0       0

by fahad18g

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