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debauch - Dictionary definition and meaning for word debauch

(noun) a wild gathering involving excessive drinking and promiscuity
(verb) corrupt morally or by intemperance or sensuality
Example Sentence
  • debauch the young people with wine and women
  • Socrates was accused of corrupting young men
  • Do school counselors subvert young children?
  • corrupt the morals

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for debauch

de + bauch (when pronounced sounds like boss)...so you think that your BOSS IS morally corrupt.
17       27

by preetisoni2411

DE[IS WITHOUT]+bauch[watch...so if children r not watched properly they become corrupt n loose values
15       9

by vipulrobin

bacchanalia means drunken. spilt debauch as de + baucchanalia (bauch). bauch and bacca nalia sounds same
13       4

by arulmozhi

Sounds like D-Boss.So the boss of the D Company(The criminal movie in bollywood) is morally corrupt and parties with drinking.
5       2

by tuubow

the word also means CORRUPT...invert p...it will become depouch...DE(give in marathi)+POUCH(pouchfull of money)....a politician is asking you to give him a pouch full of money....hence he is CORRUPT
3       1

by nileshdive

debauch= de(the)+ bauch (pauch) if someone is seeing others pauch then corrupt
2       1

by nandaa

debar the urchin(a mischievous child)...since he is corrupt n has no moral values
1       6

by mon_m

de + bauch sounds like de + boss(like pointed above) ...so to get her work done the girl had to sensually lure her boss ie - debauch
1       3

by friendofafriend

de-demote, bauch-boss, in order to demote your boss you must corrupt him or seduce him from virtue
1       1

by SilverLines

De means the and bauch sounds like bacch(stay far). So we should stay far from someone who will currupt us
1       0

by sudeep714

She was raped by DE BOSS.
1       0

by Jackery

0       1

by regalia201

telugu: DABBULU (money) ICHI (give) hehe...so simple
0       2


D company ke movie dekhana
0       2

by swap.kamble

debauch=deep unch on girls->corrupt morally, seduce from virtue
0       0

by sansecretcp

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