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cupidity - Dictionary definition and meaning for word cupidity

(noun) extreme greed for material wealth
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for cupidity

cupidity:look for CUPID HERE..cupid is the god of love. so cupidity means having an desire or greed for wealth. cupid-wealth-cupidity...greed for wealth.
19       12

by preetisoni2411

CUP+IDLI+TEA....a person who wants cup full of wine,IDLI to eat and TEA is too GREEDY.............................
6       3

by nileshdive

imagine a Cupid who makes up the matches earning a lot of money by doing so...
3       7

by jay_gandhi

Cupidity is stupidity...
3       40

by srinpraveen

cupidity = cup + hidi hidi means catch.. so greed
1       9

by sat_jag

Salman Khan Movie Partner or Will Smith starrer Hitch They both, were "Cupid" earning money of it..
1       6

by jack5432109

1       0

by vocabIsFun

My cup runneth over with desire for wealth.
0       9

by thebookie3

cupidity = cup + i + dity; have to give him more cups of sugar i.e he is greedy for wealth.
0       0

by shaktipada

so what we thought about cupid as god or angel of Love, it turns out he was just a hoax fraud, he is really just greedy about money and wealth, his eyes are on money and no love
0       0

by fahad18g

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