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crescendo - Dictionary definition and meaning for word crescendo

(noun) (music) a gradual increase in loudness
(verb) grow louder
Example Sentence
  • The music crescendoes here

(adj) gradually increasing in volume
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for crescendo

divide it like cresc(sound like krish)+end..at the end of krish movie..when hrithik kills the villian..the intensity or the volume of music increses .which conveys the feeling.
59       12

by preetisoni2411

crescent is moon...moon increases in size phase by phase..therefore crescendo is to increase in volume
15       2

by juggiepie

CRESCENDO - CR + ESCENDO (ASCEND) - ascend means a gradual rising...here it refers to an increase in volume.
14       0

by pushpa_edit

do u know the organisation red crescent? the shape of curved moon in red crescent's symbol? so this moon's shape will be full in days step by step. And crescendo means gradual increase in the intensity
4       1

by sumon2311

The crescent moon fills in more and more reaching a crescendo of being full.
3       1

by Marise

another mnemonic:the climax or end of the krish movie is very good.
2       8

by preetisoni2411

crescendo,sounds like"creep shadow", lets imagine, a shadow of a creepy person, saw it self in the mirror and started gradually screaming! " basically because he was scared from his own reflection" -creep shadow crescendo.
0       1

by ro0oney

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