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contentious - Dictionary definition and meaning for word contentious

(adj) inclined or showing an inclination to dispute or disagree, even to engage in law suits
Example Sentence
  • a style described as abrasive and contentious
  • a disputatious lawyer
  • a litigious and acrimonious spirit

(adj) involving or likely to cause controversy
Example Sentence
  • a central and contentious element of the book

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for contentious

Contentious- (Contender+Serious) One who takes competition too serious always fights and quarrels)
29       0

by Oooops

Remember as non-contented. One who is not contented is always quarrelsome.
13       14

by viren

contentious=content+tious(relate with malicious)..i.e. malicious content which pertains to argumentive or contravercial content..its so easy...right..?:)
5       6

by sandeep4386

Sounds like (Contagious)-The person/people/group who is causing controversy/ quarrelsome is contagious to our society
5       2

by NandhakishoreChitturi

If everyone around you is content and you are not, you might start thinking of something to make them less happy.
3       6

by Kelli0688

Content+ious(ewww!U.S) If the "content" in an article is aimed at making the "U.S" look "eww" or bad, then that article will be controversial.
1       6

by solracselbor

Crying in front of everybody can cause conspiracy!
1       4

by Anji27

Sounds like (Contagious)-The person/people/group who is causing controversy/ quarrelsome is contagious to our society
1       3

by NandhakishoreChitturi

Contentious can be broken in content+chi(Hindi meaning shit).So if you call someone's project content as chi he will be argumentative and ready to fight with you because he disagrees with you.
1       3

by tuubow

If a contender is serious then they are always ready to fight.
1       0

by Rodeokinney

con+tent+us:con is quarreling with us for the tent
1       0

by laaptu

CONTENTIOUS: CON(who)+TEN people+ THE (where)+VO(there)- he is such a Querulous person, he was asking for all 10 hoodlums who where involved in fighting.
1       0

by apoorvadubey

CONTENT + VICOUS(deliberately harmful) - Hence controvertial
1       0

by vocabIsFun

A person who contains more money , name and fame will be in controversy, dispute and has the tendency to argue.
0       2

by lakshmihs

Think "contender"--> One who is a competitor. A very competitive contender might become quarrelsome and argumentative.
0       1

by KOGrad

0       3

by Anji27

With tensions
0       2

by karenrw

the one who doesnt have any CONTENT (matter) with him tries to QUERREL and win the arguments
0       0

by ysrinivas2k

Content with bad intentions
0       0

by omgblueex3

"Derived from CONTEND" Ye jantey huay ke khud ghalti per ho CONTEND kartey jao ge to CONTENTIOUS ban jao ge :)
0       0

by smkrali

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