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connivance - Dictionary definition and meaning for word connivance

(noun) agreement on a secret plot
Synonyms : collusion

(noun) (law) tacit approval of someone's wrongdoing
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for connivance

Sounds like "convenience"...today everybody is convenient in ignoring the wrong thing...
39       6

by neel_kris

cunning assistance!!!
27       4

by menon_ranjit

can relate it with "cunning glance"
10       4

by bavanantht

split the word conn+ ivance Con-to decieve ivance reminds us of ignorance so connivance=ignoring something deceiving/wrong
8       12

by k-electron

Con+naïve = cons (cheats) and acts naïve, inturn pretends to ignore, in a way, conspiring to commit the crime...
5       1

by abhishekkannur

connivance can be conni,vans...in telugu konni means few.so few vans are taken to do a dangerous deed.especially maruthi van..
4       4

by sai dasika

CONNIVANCE: CONN(kaun,WHICH);IVANCE(events)...so it basically means which events are u talkin abt..pretending u were not there when those evnts occured
2       1

by mohit26041988

Konnuduvein ( i'll kill you) if you tell some one abt this incident... villan threatening common man to approve his wrong doing
1       4

by arbitrary.contrivance

connivance: cooperation+cunning +in advance or secretly approving wrongdoing
1       0

by atiffva

con+jure con means kannu in telugu and jure sounds like jerripothu. If u don't eat food i will turn your eye into jerripothu.
0       2

by manoj_gre

In the centre of the word connivance is -niv- which stands for knife or backstabbing. Co stands for cooperation , so cooperation for backstabbing or a secret conspiring. Vance stands for advance plot. Con also stands for condone
0       0

by fahad18g

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