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conjugal - Dictionary definition and meaning for word conjugal

(adj) of or relating to marriage or to the relationship between a wife and husband
Synonyms : connubial
Example Sentence
  • connubial bliss
  • conjugal visits

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for conjugal

in Indian music we have JUGALbandi, which is harmony of 2 different intruments...can imply marriage frm it
31       5

by ashay.ut

con = together,and u+ur gal=u and ur girl want to stay together forever,you get married!!
14       5

by anudeep meka

in certain bacteria and algae, conjugation tube is a structure through which sperm is transfered to female body.
7       3

by yogendra.rai.UJJAIN

con+jugal.jugal bandi---> couple--->marriage
1       4

by t3rmin4t0r

CONCERNING + YUGAL(HINDI word meaning couple or pair)
1       1

by vocabIsFun

Con + jugal.read it as hindi word yugal (couple)..so conjugal means the event in which the couple meet...i.e. ''MARRIGE''
0       0

by ds007ol

ConJugal : you see a girl and you like her and wanna marry her.. then you say I wanna CON-U -GAL .. ( ask her for marriage- so conjugal: Pertaining to marriage arrangement)
0       1

by waheedsid

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