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compunction - Dictionary definition and meaning for word compunction

(noun) a feeling of deep regret (usually for some misdeed)
Synonyms : remorse , self-reproach

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for compunction

come + puncture..(punch). You will say "come and punch me" only if you are in deep regret of having done something wrong.
129       6

by Administrator

10       10

by G_P

kampan meaning shivers.. when uve done smthing wrong, u shiver with guilt
5       4

by 1.6k

is like COMe PUNCTure.. when a tyre is punctured, v r left wid REMORSE..
4       7

by jahnavi89

compuncture sounds like compensation..when you hav done a wrong thing you regret and offer victim the compensation..
4       2

by Ani

Compuncture - Come + puncture - when ur self respect is punctured or hurt by yourself, then you feel guilty for such act by you, which eventually causes uneasiness.
2       2

by Angeltks

(Com)Common puncture.If u puncture others , ur consciousness will puncture you back.
1       3

by rakei

COMPUter stopped fUNCTION ing cuz of ur fault , u feel guilty for watching wrong site and getting viruses
1       1

by saurabhkumar87

compunction->KAMPANK(vibration)TION jab teacher punishment dene k liye puchta hai k kaun kasoorwar hai to jo guilty hota hai woh dar k mare kapne(vibrate) lagte hai.cuz usko guilty/regret feel hota hai.
1       1

by aman_ali_786

COMPULSION....when you have compulsion of something,you are in great regret or remorse
1       0

by nileshdive

if you puncture someones comp (com+punction) you are filled with remorse
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by leontk.ltk

compunction=comp-(completely)+un(undesirable)+tion(action) causing remorse or regret
1       0

by authortobe

COMPUNCTION:COM(KUM-LEES) PUNCH TION(SON-CHILD;imagine an odd situation when an elder feels guilt for doing somethin wrong to u , and he tells u COMPUNCTION, cos hes feelin guilty
0       0

by mohit26041988

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