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commiserate - Dictionary definition and meaning for word commiserate

(verb) to feel or express sympathy or compassion
Synonyms : sympathise , sympathize

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for commiserate

co+miserate ...share one's misery by being with them or identifying their misery vicariously
48       3

by maddy232323

commisioner felt sympathetic and expressed his pittness over mis erate's death.
16       3

by sriharisharma

Its a great misery! We should all commiserate!
11       6

by bavanantht

Sounds like Coma + se => wen u see some one in coma state u tend to express pity or sympathy.
5       3

by bharathn1017

commiserate can be split as com,misery..come for the misery to express your feelings..
3       0

by sai dasika

in india commissioner is rated (bribe) for doing work. i feel pity for him as he has become like a product in the market which people use for money.
1       1

by cp.jethani

Committee( Of people) + (someone's) sorrow + Ate.
0       0

by shadip

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