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carping - Dictionary definition and meaning for word carping

(noun) persistent petty and unjustified criticism
Synonyms : faultfinding

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for carping

If you will ping with your car horn, people will shout at you...they will complain... carping...
68       6

by srnayak17

Car+p(ark)+ing; Many people find faults in ur carparking style
13       2

by 0m3gA

carping sounds like crap...so its unjustified to criticize this word and call it "crap".
9       3

by meetvivek007

carping - harping in an irritating way = fretful complaining
1       1

by justlikethat123

If you ping some one while driving car your parents criticize you.
1       1

by lakshmihs

ping kar kar k galti batana
1       0

by Appy

Sounds like crapping... means critism, complain, finding faults.
1       0

by alien_x

If someone "Ping your car"..they COMPLAIN about you
1       0

by Rakeshnavale

It's easy to be carping at one, rather then to act for cause.
0       1

by ankushbarad89

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