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calumny - Dictionary definition and meaning for word calumny

(noun) a false accusation of an offense or a malicious misrepresentation of someone's words or actions
(noun) an abusive attack on a person's character or good name
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for calumny

calumny, sounds like kalmuhi, which is a harsh remark given by a saas to her bahu. So its a kind of slander.
137       15


rhymes with ALUMNI--imagine urself slandering n defaming some of ur cllg ALUMNI
27       14

by soumen

calu-muy: calu means legs in kannada and mny sounds like muri which means to break ...parents will tel i ll BERAK UR LEG(CALUMNY) which is a SLANDER
14       18

by kruthikamurthy

Calumny sounds like columns, imagine if some one write bad thind aboute you ll be defamed.
7       2

by lakshmihs

Cal (californians) talk shit about NY (new yorkers)...SLANDER!!!!
4       0

by jayTmoney

Calumni = Calikh malna on somebody's character
3       0

by G_P

A calumny can upset a calm discourse.
1       2

by thebookie3

This is along similar lines as to one above... "I considered it a CALUMNY when someone said I was an ALUM of CAL State."
1       0

by bugmenot

calumny-sounds like alumnia who is the goal keeper of arsenal..he abuses the opposition team mates..
1       3

by Ani

cALUMNY : criticise alumni. critise/bad remarks
1       1

by balajicoolstar

CALUMNY ...Call Um n e name...pronounced Kaa Luhm nee
1       3

by msrn

Calumny printed in newspaper column
1       0

by rawaldelhi@gmail.com

1       0

by vineethyoung

0       6

by bugmenot

CALLUMNY= call+u+money,one can make wrong remarks on u for getting money,so its slandering.
0       0

by alok1988

Remember, how they used to tie people who were accusing in something bad to the COLUMN of shame?
0       0

by Anais-anais

Calumny - Think of a Column written about you that you are CALculating to steal MoNeY. Clearly a malicious lie.
0       0

by xgator1992

friend calls u to ask (mny) sounds like money
0       0

by blvrmanindra

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