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callous - Dictionary definition and meaning for word callous

(verb) make insensitive or callous; deaden feelings or morals
Synonyms : cauterise , cauterize

(adj) emotionally hardened
Synonyms : indurate , pachydermatous
Example Sentence
  • a callous indifference to suffering
  • cold-blooded and indurate to public opinion

(adj) having calluses; having skin made tough and thick through wear
Synonyms : calloused , thickened
Example Sentence
  • calloused skin
  • with a workman's callous hands

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for callous

callous sounds like khallas so jiski sub kuch khallas ho gayi hai..that person becomes hard, insensitive and unfeeling.
81       8

by sonamina

call(CALL)o(OH)US(U.S)..Oh U.S Please Call Us for MS and dont be so unkind,hardened and unfeeling..!!!
32       7

by jammy4u

callous - call out,someone who pretends didn't listen when you call his name,callous
7       11

by it's_me

callous sounds like KHALLAS(Hindi)....so jiski sensitivity khallas ho gayi hai
6       15

by nehaMD

Kallis (Jacques Kallis, SA) is such an insensitive (callous)batsman. He would beat Indian bowlers like anything.
6       3

by subhasish

read it like CARELESS so when a person is pinched or pierced if he doesn't react its bcuz his skin is insensitive may be due to some anesthesia (Just imagine)
5       0

by BNS

police says call-o-us if somebody is callous towards you
5       0

by pspr

2       5

by userdce

Man, how insensitive you are, just tell are you going to CALL-US or not......?
2       3

by bugmenot

callous- hell on us. he was so heartless.he thought " hell on us"
1       1

by Lgvi

remember colosseum in italy were barbaric cruel fights were fought(gladiator mvie)
1       1

by Adithya.R.Kumar

police says call-o-us if somebody is callous towards you
1       0

by pspr

it's sounds like south african batsman KALLIS who has no emotion for indian bowler
1       0


call ous(aswath) who is hardened unfeeling for others.
1       0

by sansecretcp

Engineering students become callous to education after graduation because that is teh maximum any human brain can handle lol
0       1

by jzzshade

sounds like "kaala" in hindi.so,"dil se kaala" means insensitive,unkind
0       0

by torres9

sounds like carlos ... so you can imagine the unkind and unfeeling villian ;)
0       0

by pintu89

Callous comes from Callum means skin or Khaal in Indian languages. Any one who has hard rough khaal is unfeeling even in emotion...
0       0

by fahad18g

doctor call us to say that we had insensitive thick skin
0       0

by blvrmanindra

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