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cacophonous - Dictionary definition and meaning for word cacophonous

(adj) having an unpleasant sound
Synonyms : cacophonic
Example Sentence
  • as cacophonous as a henyard

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for cacophonous

caco sounds like cactus and phonous like phone. So kindly try to remember it like this...a phone with a cactus makes irritating sounds.
30       5

by amitarora

Caco + phone – phones sometimes cause irritating sound (some ringtones etc).
10       3

by Administrator

phonus is sound.and kako is bad or harsh..so cacophonous is bad sound or harsh sound.
6       0

by sai dasika

lots of COCK making noise in a PHONE... "KUKDEKU.."
3       1

by rohu40

symphony is pleasing music of well tuned. cacophony is opposite to it made up uneven rhythm and it should be called as noise not song
3       0

by arulmozhi

cactus + phonus ~ cactus = unpleasant phonus = sound => unpleasant sound !!
0       0

by friendofafriend

poem frog and the nightingale->frog's voice crass cacophany
0       0

by phoenix747

ke ko sound in phone while talking irritates us
0       0

by rinci

cacophony: it sounds like ' cat call phone' ---- discordant.
0       0

by davidzws

cacophony: cat + cock + phone --- it is obviously discordant.
0       0

by davidzws

"caco" stands for chaos , phonous means sound. If you read science fiction or read cosmology you know what chaos means. So caco+phonous means "chaos sound"
0       0

by fahad18g

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