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bugaboo - Dictionary definition and meaning for word bugaboo

(noun) an imaginary monster used to frighten children
Synonyms : bogeyman , booger , boogeyman , bugbear

(noun) a source of concern
Example Sentence
  • the old bugaboo of inflation still bothers them

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for bugaboo

boo!! u use it when u wonna scare funnily..so relates to a ghost..ghosts are bugbears n they the baseless terror since they dont stand on floor
28       3

by mon_m

It might help marathi readers...bugaboo sounds like bagulboowa..childhood ghost
7       6

by manojative

Bug+ booth = if your kid starts bugging you you ll tell them a booth(Bugaboo) story.
5       0

by lakshmihs

bugaboo = mugamboo Remember the main villain of movie mr India( amrish puri )= mogamboo khush hua >> he did so much terror in movie
5       0

by rajpt_007

Imagine dark night and monster shouting BUUUU GAAAAAAAAA BOOOOO HAA HAA HAA.
4       5

by sanjeev

maga bootha--in kannada means - dude devil. wen u c an object,thats baseless, people term it as a devil,as devils dont have legs.so bootas (devils) are known as baseless terror...lol..!!!
2       8

by sriharisharma

The kala bandar(Delhi 6 movie) is a bugaboo.
1       1

by cool.venky

BUG+A+BOO Boota means Devil in kannada. So we can remember it a bugging bootha
1       0

by srinathshetty

For bagla bagh(tiger) asbooo
1       0

by woli

adivasi logonka boogaboo
0       0

by swap.kamble

I will bugaboo at the time of bill, if you donot pay necessary amount.
0       0

by shaktipada

0       0

by vineethyoung

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