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badinage - Dictionary definition and meaning for word badinage

(noun) frivolous banter
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for badinage

"tease ur friend in a friendly and humorous way" that he looks "bad + in + age"(older) due to his bald head
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by bookworm

Bad-in-age. Youth is the age we may get involved in doing bad things. One of those bad things is teasing someone (frivolous banter) during conversation or pulling someone’s leg.
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by abhinav07

sounds like BADI(big in hindi)and NAAK (nose)..so teasing some one bout their big nose
5       32

by findktk

split it like this badi+age..so badi(old) age ki ladies often do teasing conversations.
3       25


badinage - - bad+image people with bad image are known for teasing someone
3       4

by sathishs1988

sounds like bandage........in order to tease my friends i had applied bandage to my leg.....when they asked me what had happened i removed it and started laughing
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by nileshdive

badinage=bad+in+age. If you are bad in age. i.e if you are too old or too young, you lack seriousness and indulge mostly in careless chatter
2       5

by maddy232323

bad i nage...= in hindi bad + naach...but shes ur friend so ..... tell her the naach was good in humorous way ,,to tease in a light hearted way...:)
1       4

by ravinderonchopper

Humorous people donot have a very serious image i.e they have bad image. So BADINAGE corresponds to bad image i.e humorous, ridicule etc
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by rejaulmeister

Think of badinage the way it's pronounced..badinage = "BADDIE" + "NAASH"...sab bad logon ka naash ho gaya..all baddies destroyed..so everybody is having a light hearted, playful conversation..badinage = light hearted conversation!
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by grehelper

badinage sounds like bad+image i.e bad image comes because of teasing others.
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by tarunsiddharth999

bad image of the bad man(gulshan grover) cos of his badinage.
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by rawaldelhi@gmail.com

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