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astute - Dictionary definition and meaning for word astute

(adj) marked by practical hardheaded intelligence
Synonyms : sharp , shrewd
Example Sentence
  • a smart businessman
  • an astute tenant always reads the small print in a lease
  • he was too shrewd to go along with them on a road that could lead only to their overthrow

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for astute

A(MEANS NOT)+STU(STUPID)..well think of someone who is NOT STUPID,MEANS he is very WISE ,AND INTELLIGENT.
60       4

by preetisoni2411

Sounds like statue. some politicians are wise and shrewd to built their own statues. they clearly see the advantage.
8       2

by pcsjith

It an also b remembered by ACUTE, that has the same meaning, sharp,shrewd.
6       6

by gatz_funky

US+TUTE(teach)...when you ask someone to teach you, that person must be ASTUTE i.e having or showing an ability to accurately assess situations or people and turn this to one's advantage...
3       1

by nileshdive

astute=ASs+CHUT someone who uses both efficiently is an astute
1       7

by mit006

a + statue.. Mayawati installing so many of her statues.. she is really a wise and astute politician..
1       1

by yourbikash

Astute read it as "A salute i.e. to get a salute for your efforts, you need to be shrewd, wise & sharp.
1       0

by hitsgits

a stute ~ a status; to reach high status you has to be sharp and shrewd.
0       0

by editor1

sounds like PROSTITUTE! they will b sharp enough ! ...to attract customers ;)
0       0

by akshayakshay

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