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archaic - Dictionary definition and meaning for word archaic

(adj) so extremely old as seeming to belong to an earlier period
Synonyms : antediluvian , antiquated
Example Sentence
  • a ramshackle antediluvian tenement
  • antediluvian ideas
  • archaic laws

(adj) little evolved from or characteristic of an earlier ancestral type
Synonyms : primitive
Example Sentence
  • archaic forms of life
  • primitive mammals
  • the okapi is a short-necked primitive cousin of the giraffe

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for archaic

Archealogy - study of old things.. Archaic - The old things on which we study..
25       0

by Manikandan J

The word resembles like archies ...the old archies card are kept with us.
4       1

by heartbeat143kvc

Remember with Archive. As we keep very old thing in archive- Archaic is related something very old.
4       0

by yokel

Archaic: ARCH comes from the word archaelogy so something related with primitive times;outdated
3       2

by shravan_santosh

archaic : archeological+ick, first word-old second word-express disgust,so outdated..totally it is old and outdated.
1       4


sounds like a cake which is no longer used
1       2

by nikhilsuhas

ar(irani)+chai(tea in hindi)~ Irani chai is the no longer in use
0       7

by Shree Shalini

ardor sounds like harder...so FUCK harder..means with passion..
0       2

by achievers

Root word :ARCH-meaning old.AIC:remeber CIA american force, so AIC is no longer used..its CIA
0       2

by mohit26041988

ARCHAIC<===> अप्रचलित (pr. \\aprachalit \\ )[Noun]
0       0

by tpant

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