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apothecary - Dictionary definition and meaning for word apothecary

(noun) a health professional trained in the art of preparing and dispensing drugs
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for apothecary

a+pot+he+cary - he carries drug(cocaine)hidden in a pot
19       7

by cezondz

I remember this word by rethinking about a scene in a Friends's episode of season 6 in which Rachel ordered a apothecary table and she riddled Chandler what does apothecary mean. Chandler said "a pharmacist"
9       2

by huongvan

a + pot + he + cary ~ imagine a pharmacist carrying drugs in a pot
8       0

by cool_123

dumb ppl......why do u want mnemonic for everything......use u r brains n create u r own....
2       1

by prashanthvarma1990

just consider "THE CARY"-THE CARING-like a druggist who gives u medicines and cares
1       2

by mohit26041988

sounds like allopathic-carry =allopathic medicine carry= a person who carries medicine= druggist
1       0

by Zia Rahman

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