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anathema - Dictionary definition and meaning for word anathema

(noun) a detested person
Synonyms : bete noire
Example Sentence
  • he is an anathema to me

(noun) a formal ecclesiastical curse accompanied by excommunication
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for anathema

sounds like ashwathema who had SOLEMN CURSE of Lord Krishna
25       22

by ksameer_coep

ASTHMA...anathema...I hate asthma because it affects respiratory system....anathema also means curse....to have ASTHAMA is a kind of ANATHEMA....
19       0

by nileshdive

anathema ~ anaath + ma; Being ANAATH or having no MAA is obviously a CURSE...
9       0

by Administrator

ANA-THEMA..against the concept...hence it is disliked and disapproved
7       17

by bungi

ana - teri(your) -ma (mother) - ki .... d person is cursing ana... sorry for abusive language :)
4       0

by Aditya Parihar

Ana was cursed by them and other religious leaders.
3       7

by Marise

Ana-the(di)-ma(mom) was a curse in relation between ana and me
2       3

by Oooops

Ana+theme .. Another theme which u don like other than yours.. So you curse it..
1       3

by Manikandan J

ANATHEMA -> an ANARACHIST detests government.
1       2

by dshefman

Someone who does not respect national ANTHEM should be cursed.
1       0

by paula_3004

anthem praises something, anathema is just the opposite.
0       0

by souravkhanna

ANATHEMA<===> अभिशाप (pr. \\abhishap \\ )[Noun] Example:Caste system in Indian society has become an anathema.
0       0

by tpant

anath means bastered everyone hates bastered thats y its slang
0       0

by ashu_wanna_own_gre

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