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altercation - Dictionary definition and meaning for word altercation

(noun) noisy quarrel
Synonyms : affray , fracas

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for altercation

A little bit of basic chemistry understanding is needed for this : Alter + cation : if you alter (change) cation, it will become anion... and there is always a dispute between cation and anion. (Both are of opposite nature)
95       3

by Administrator

When taken alteration of physical things like, cutting of clothes,marble,wood(by carpenter) there is always lots of noise. Isn't it?
7       4

by gatz_funky

altered ~ alter (means to change); When things are altered without telling the elders, then there may arise a noisy quarrel.
6       0

by sriharisharma

ALTERCATION (Altering conversation) Imagine a peaceful conversation altering into a noisy quarrel (as in group discussion)
5       6

by saikiran

alter something without asking gets mother angry
2       4

by maleceleb

Altercation also means " an angry argument". All those words in that definition begin with the letter, a. In that case, it is alliteration. alliteration sounds like altercation.
1       2

by SarahSmile768

ALTER+CAKE...when your birthday cakes are altered, you will be having disagreement or quarrel with the owner of the bakery....
1       1

by nileshdive

altercation- imagine you alter your cat with another animal because it make noisy quarrel with your dog
0       4

by Tural

altering opinion makes altercation
0       2

by ok_2pro

For the crazy couple, the alternate form of love conversation is fight.
0       2

by paula_3004

ALTERCATION<===> झगड़ा (pr. \\jhagaDDa \\ )[Noun] Example:Altercations between Neena and Tina are quite common.
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by tpant

Altercation - Alter(other)+Cat = Two cats are fighting
0       0

by Gaurav.Chaudhary

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