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alacrity - Dictionary definition and meaning for word alacrity

(noun) liveliness and eagerness
Synonyms : briskness , smartness
Example Sentence
  • he accepted with alacrity
  • the smartness of the pace soon exhausted him

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for alacrity

take the suffix crity we can link it with creativity.creative people are so eager to learn n create things differently.
54       15

by meduriswetha

alacrity sounds like AT+LAST+IN+CITY..a person who is first time in a big city is excited n eager to c da city...
35       20

by angel

remember it as a la carte.. which means selecting food from the menu.. usually when ppl go to restaurants they are "eager" to get food!!
10       9

by deepster89

alacrity = Alag aakrity (a picture). when do you make alag aakrity?? = when you have GREAT WILLINGNESS & ENTHUSIASM. alag aakrity banane ke liye you should have Alacrity
9       3

by Administrator

One who does each activity ( crity = kriti in hindi) according to 'Alarm' has 'Alacrity'.
4       12

by rizvi

Assume ALlah in CITY. So people went to see him with ALACRITY(Eagerness or Liveliness)
4       2

by vijaykumarg

alacrity ( all city) usually we have found in these days that everybody have great enthusiasm and willing to go to the city
2       4

by santosh pokhrel

"Alas, she cried out. I am ready to help!" Think of the "a" in "alas" and the "c" in "cried" as phonically related to "alacrity."
1       30

by ariannegelardin

Someone with alacrity will lack resistance, or in other words 'have willingness.'
1       3

by Rodeokinney

ALAg aaCRITY(aakriti in hindi).. a person with such livliness and promptness is alag aakriti
1       2

by yourbikash

a lack (of) crity (criticism) = eager
1       3

by Suikurai

ALACRITY<===> तत्परता (pr. \\tatparata \\ )[Noun] Example:She accepted his proposal with alacrity. ALACRITY<===> जोश (pr. \\josh \\ )[Noun]
1       0

by tpant

Capture the spirit of the word alacrity by adding a "G" - GALAcrity! A gala is upbeat, and one would accept an invitation to dance with cheerful readiness,promptness,and willingness! Gala-alacrity!
1       0

by WordFun

CRITY - A critter moves with alacrity
1       0

by nic42991

alacrity-->my opponent said alas!and cried and i won the competition
0       33

by neevanramuk

Ala - > Alayara Case . Only those case are very eager . (Crity)
0       2

by kool4Gre

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