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aggrandize - Dictionary definition and meaning for word aggrandize

(verb) add details to
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for aggrandize

grand- this resembles to somthing huge,great,wealthy.
34       2

by sriharisharma

aggrandize ~ aggregate + grand; aggregating things...is similar to adding details
4       0

by himanshu dhumash

aggrandize,AGG always related to INCREASE in size
3       4

by praveenkatti

aggrandize = [agg]ressive + grand + ize means: increase sth excessively, IZE means it's a verb
2       6

by pateheo

aggendize sounds like a grand eye, like person watching painting with a grand eye finding some lacking therefore adding details
2       8

by buriro

grand in the middle sounds like grand father.so,we will get fame from our grandparents popularity sometimes.
0       7

by meduriswetha

Ag-grand~grind which means convert in powdery form .. which means to intensify the concentration .. and so is the meaning :increase or intensify
0       3

by ashishk

aggrand = en-grand (enlarge)
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aggrandize ~ ag+grand+eyes = make someone seem grander/greater in others eyes by raising power etc.
0       3

by iqbalnaved

AGGRANDIZEMENT<===> शक्ति अथवा पदवी बढाना (pr. \\shakti athava padavi baDhana \\ )[Noun] Example:Her sole aim is personal aggrandizement.
0       0

by tpant

aggrandize = a GRAND SIZE
0       0

by ocp

To make sthing GRAND, AGGRANDIZE it
0       0

by tabish2609

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