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adjoin - Dictionary definition and meaning for word adjoin

(verb) lie adjacent to another or share a boundary
Synonyms : abut , border , butt , butt against , butt on , edge , march
Example Sentence
  • Canada adjoins the U.S.
  • England marches with Scotland

(verb) be in direct physical contact with; make contact
Synonyms : contact , meet , touch
Example Sentence
  • The two buildings touch
  • Their hands touched
  • The wire must not contact the metal cover
  • The surfaces contact at this point

(verb) attach or add
Example Sentence
  • I adjoin a copy of your my lawyer's letter

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for adjoin

ADJOIN<===> संयुक्त होना[करना] (pr. \\sanayukt hona[karana] \\ )[Verb] Example:The telegraph office adjoins the post office. ADJOIN<===> जोड़ देना (pr. \\joDa dena \\ )[Noun]
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by tpant

ad + join ~ adjacent and joining;
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by editor1

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