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accord - Dictionary definition and meaning for word accord

(noun) harmony of people's opinions or actions or characters
Synonyms : agreement
Example Sentence
  • the two parties were in agreement

(noun) concurrence of opinion
Synonyms : accordance , conformity
Example Sentence
  • we are in accord with your proposal

(noun) a written agreement between two states or sovereigns
Synonyms : pact , treaty

(noun) sympathetic compatibility
(verb) go together
Example Sentence
  • The colors don't harmonize
  • Their ideas concorded

(verb) allow to have
Synonyms : allot , grant
Example Sentence
  • grant a privilege

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for accord

sounds like ACC(ACCORDING)+cord(record)...well ACCORDING TO our RECORDS we are in agreement with our investors ,as where to invest their money.
18       1

by preetisoni2411

agreement between father and son that he will buy accord (Honda Accord, car name)for his son if he scores top in his exams.
10       0

by razzmatazz

I will do an agreement with you, only if you buy me a Honda Accord.
4       0

by yuvraj

Ac->accept; Cord->bind with a cord. When you accept and tie it becomes agreement.
1       1

by gem

Ac+ cord= here cord is a root word which means heart. which means commited from heart.
1       0

by lakshmihs

accord ~ according to; Whenever you see "according to Newton's theory....", you agree whatever statement is mentioned there.
0       0

by editor1

A CORD (rope) uniting their hands, they were in harmony as Queen and King.
0       0

by otimuz

when there is formal agreement between two countries the agree that they will follow according to the law
0       1

by santosh pokhrel

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