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abstemious - Dictionary definition and meaning for word abstemious

(adj) sparing in consumption of especially food and drink
Example Sentence
  • the pleasures of the table, never of much consequence to one naturally abstemious

(adj) marked by temperance in indulgence
Synonyms : light
Example Sentence
  • abstemious with the use of adverbs
  • a light eater
  • a light smoker
  • ate a light supper

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for abstemious

focus on 'abs' part of this word. Abs...To build a six-pack abs, eat n drink carefully
59       6

by S

ABstain from eating STEM
18       2

by userdce

abs (abs) + stemious (stamina): To build stamina or six pack abs, you have to eat and drink carefully.
11       1

by rohit gupta

take abstemious as abs + tummy + ous that means ABStain from eating to have a flat tummy (stomach).
7       2

by imfrmheaven

*ABS*temious , concentrate on ABS .. one who eats and drinks less/lightly will have abs ( of course with work out :) )
3       1

by seshadri

ABS+STEAM...I want to make my ABS as light as steam...what will I do???...I will have less amount of food.......
2       0

by nileshdive

'ab'(away) + 'stemious'(stem of tree) not as thick as stem == refrains in eating(or suffering from marasmus)
1       1

by boybluffs

Ab + stem + ious...imagine stomach abs and to make them stem like thin you try to eat and drink less
1       1

by visuh9

remember as ABS + STEM. If you want to build Abs then you hav to Stem (stop) eating junk food.
1       0

by tushk1990

be abstemious to avoid conversion of abs into tummy
1       0

by tabish2609

0       13

by Administrator

just focus on abs we get abs by eating food and its abstemious soo abs for u
0       2

by srikanthdude1987

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