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abscond - Dictionary definition and meaning for word abscond

(verb) run away; usually includes taking something or somebody along
Example Sentence
  • The thief made off with our silver
  • the accountant absconded with the cash from the safe

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for abscond

Abscond – ab + scond. ‘Absent in a second’. When you will absent in a second? =when u STEAL OFF & HIDE, or when u DEPART secretly.
135       4

by Administrator

absCOND sounds like abs'KAND'..when you do KAND you run away, depart secretly and hide :)
20       7

by Zubin

focus on cond=condition if elders keep conditions to do this n that we will do it secretly or we will escape from that place secretly
13       10

by meduriswetha

ABSENT KAUN(who?) - whoever is absent in class has absconded
8       1

by userdce

abscond treat it like james bond, hidinng from villain
1       3

by saurabhkhemka

ab-Abishek, scond-scoundral "Amithab scolded Abi as scoundral, and abishek ran off or hide secretly with fear
1       2

by AHR

abscond - the con artist secretly depart from the town.
1       0

by mylist

due to continuous absence in college,they detained him
1       0

by harshad

kand karke abscond ho gaya
1       0

by tabish2609

abs + cond (condition) : I should have six pack abs is an important condition before she can abscond with me.
0       0

by editor1

Abs (Absent)+ cond(condition)
0       0

by YOJ

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