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abrogate - Dictionary definition and meaning for word abrogate

(verb) revoke formally
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for abrogate

Imagine a boy is making sighs to a girl standing in front of her GATE,seeing that ,her BRO comes & get rid of the boy (abolish)
111       17

by arvind_4

ab (now) + rog (disease) + ate (eat) so, eat the disease and abolish it now.
32       2

by pagalgadha

rogam-disease need to b abolished
25       8

by kanamathareddy

ab+*rog*+gate What does a ROGUE do if he is given power? -> Abolish things officially !!!
9       9

by sasidhar

(this mnemonic needs understanding of Hindi language) ab ro gate par aakar (in Hindi) imagine a person crying(ab ro gate par aake) in front of a gate because his form has been cancelled (abolished)
6       11

by deepaksabharwal

ab*ROG*ate .. concentrate on ROG , it sounds like rogue and normally we like to ABOLISH rogues
6       4

by seshadri

A-BROke-GATE = abolish
5       1

by joshjohn1984

A's (someone's) Brother is standing near INDIA GATE to abolish the excise duty law.
4       8

by byreddys

abro-gate to ask someone to get out of our gate . thus you are abolishing that person.
3       4

by chandrima

ABROGATE = ABOlish or ABATE leGAlly.
3       1

by dshefman

A + Bro(Brother) Gate(at gate) a brother turns away at the gate
2       0

by italyazzurre44

ab+rog+ate: ab rog ne use kha liya...
2       0

by extinctspecies

A+Broke+Agreement ---> abrogate ---> to end a law/agreement
2       0

by pingu

aman+bra+ gate :Ladies revoked or abrogated as the man was putting bra on GATE.
1       5

by gbspaithan

A Bro Gate, a gate for brothers only, which abrogates the hierarchy.
1       0

by Darcy

Ab ro gate par cos tender has abrogated.
1       0

by rawaldelhi@gmail.com

aman+bra+ gate :Ladies revoked or abrogated as the man was putting bra on GATE.
0       7

by gbspaithan

A bro not going into a gate and turning back.
0       0

by ok_2pro

0       0

by chetansadana

bro(brother)bfr gate, child should not beg it should be abolished
0       0

by sansecretcp

a + bro + gate they put a gate on my bro to revoke him or my bro was leaving home, so they closed gate to stop or revoke him.
0       3

by friendofafriend

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