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abrasive - Dictionary definition and meaning for word abrasive

(noun) a substance that abrades or wears down
(adj) causing abrasion
Synonyms : scratchy

(adj) sharply disagreeable; rigorous
Synonyms : harsh
Example Sentence
  • the harsh facts of court delays
  • an abrasive character

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for abrasive

abrasive:ab-Erasive:which means rubbing away
51       1

by Zubin

abrasive..it sounds like aggressive,which means harsh behavior
23       3

by jaga

A+BRA+sive.. it is very harsh behaviour if we touches a womens bra.. which is not good..
12       7

by passionate

ab + rasi -- ab means away and rasi sounds like erase.. erasing something to remove away some dirt.. hence rubbing away.
8       1

by peppyprash

take first three letters of this word...i.e. ABR... nw simply jumble the wrd.. it will give u...RAB...n it sounds like RUB..i.e. meaning too
3       11

by ankit_goyal

a-bra-sive which is rubbed every day
1       0

by ravindra598

bras polishing -> rubbing or to grind down
1       0

by sansecretcp

abrasive remark like an abrasive material
0       2

by rawaldelhi@gmail.com

like razor ,which rubs away things
0       0

by komya

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