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imminent - Dictionary definition and meaning for word imminent

(adj) close in time; about to occur
Example Sentence
  • retribution is at hand
  • some people believe the day of judgment is close at hand
  • in imminent danger
  • his impending retirement

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for imminent

imminent sounds similar to immediate. so imminent means about to occur immediately.
27       6

by arulmozhi

im(min)ent , min is time.. relate this..
7       6

by bluehole

Im MIN(ute) END(ent)..in the Minute end..meanin Las minute..!
2       3

by jammy4u

Imminent sounds like Eminent. Eminent (VIP) guests only arrive when the time for the inauguration of the show is VERY NEAR
2       0

by mit006

imminent means something which is coming to nearer or close. Now split it as i'm coming in a minute(coming close)
1       2

by sandy1278

Imminent sounds like in-minute. So something is going to happen in a minute immidiately.
1       0

by Cheers!

I am having a MINI sore in my ear.so I avoided it But when it became really painful I consulted an ENT at the LAST MINUTE Thus IMMINENT = MINI+ENT
0       1

by mit006

say the word really fast, it will sound like "in a minute"
0       0

by Enigmaticguitar

imminent-- any minute
0       0

by anuragthegr8

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