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(adj) of no real value
Example Sentence
  • a nugatory law
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for nugatory

No+guarantee, i.e a product which has no guarantee, is worthless.

almost sounds like New+Gay+Tree.which is futile because gays wont have a nice family tree.(NO OFFENSE whatsoever).. (Should be original)

nugat..sounds like NEGLET..and something which can be neglected is ALWAYS WORTHLESS AND FUTILE.

no gate entry = dont let that guy enter the gate as he is no good

Nugatory can be related to negatory or 'negation'..which means nullify or worthless

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it sounds like gutter which is of no use

sounds like nugget - a chunk of something ussually gold, just imagine a worthless piece of gold!

nugatory (hindi)= nuga( nunga ) + tory (tree) = so nunga tree withous any fruits has no value at all

1970's Citizens Band radio slang for "negative" was NEGATORY-Good-Buddy. CB's were replaced by cell phones and now their use is NUGATORY (futile, of no use).

nu=new;gate=gatory...even though a new gate is fixed in the appartment..ppl still use the old one...so the new gate is serving no purpose and is useless...

nugatory-> nuts gated, worthless night


(adj) of or relating to a wedding
Synonyms : bridal spousal
Example Sentence
  • bridal procession
  • nuptial day
  • spousal rites
  • wedding cake
  • marriage vows
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for nuptial

New Tail. For girls, marriage is freedom (a new tail, so to say). For poor guys, its like their tails being cut off.

nuptial = N + U + Pti (husband)+ al ( kal=tomorrow)= if u will do marriage tommorrow N U become husband.

it sounds like guptil cricketer of newzland who married recently

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nupital----nainital.hillstation for honeymoon..so could be related to marriage also

nuptial ->nice up bfr all related to marriage ceremony

sounds like navtal tala when a person gets married its like locking him

: new + petal : after marriage your wife will be the new petal of your life

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