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Short Definition : overflowing abundance; joyful enthusiasm; flamboyance; lavishness; ADJ. exuberant: high-spirited and lively; growing abundantly and strongly

(noun) joyful enthusiasm
(noun) overflowing with eager enjoyment or approval
Synonyms : ebullience , enthusiasm

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for exuberance

barrons overflows with that big wordlist
41       6

by keyurpatel87

ubhar kar aana...when u remove 'ex'
3       0



Short Definition : flow out slowly; discharge (gradually); give forth; N. exudation

(verb) release (a liquid) in drops or small quantities
Synonyms : exudate , ooze , ooze out , transude
Example Sentence
  • exude sweat through the pores

(verb) make apparent by one's mood or behavior
Example Sentence
  • She exudes great confidence

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for exude

exclude is to remove and exude is to remove but oozing out of liquid..
42       0

by jc

exide battery exude pungent smell or they discharge slowly...
10       1

by harneet_9

when we AXE a rubber tree it EXudes crude rubber
1       1

by sandu


Short Definition : rejoice

(verb) feel extreme happiness or elation
(verb) to express great joy
Synonyms : exuberate , jubilate , rejoice , triumph
Example Sentence
  • Who cannot exult in Spring?

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for exult

EXam+resULT - he was very happy when the exam result was out because he had topped in his exams.
64       2

by userdce

opposite of insult..
11       3

by deepster89

when exam result out.. --> express great pleasure or happiness, especially at someone else's defeat or failure(enemy).. exalt --> praise someone
1       2

by arshnagpal

exult close to extract...extracting out the inner joy
0       9

by mon_m

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