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upright - Dictionary definition and meaning for word upright

(noun) a vertical structural member as a post or stake
Synonyms : vertical
Example Sentence
  • the ball sailed between the uprights

(noun) a piano with a vertical sounding board
Synonyms : upright piano

(adj) in a vertical position; not sloping
Synonyms : unsloped
Example Sentence
  • an upright post

(adj) of moral excellence
Synonyms : good , just
Example Sentence
  • a genuinely good person
  • a just cause
  • an upright and respectable man

(adj) upright in position or posture
Synonyms : erect , vertical
Example Sentence
  • an erect stature
  • erect flower stalks
  • for a dog, an erect tail indicates aggression
  • a column still vertical amid the ruins
  • he sat bolt upright

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for upright

Upright....UP(stand) and RIGHT(means who is always correct,honest)....tht is upright
2       0

by dhaknejyoti

Upright has the same meaning as Honest.
0       1

by pushpa_edit

Does anyone know wedding vows or DU HAST song by RAmmstein? it says: Will you until death separates you be upright to her forever! Never! Never!!
0       0

by punit.1990

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