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tumid - Dictionary definition and meaning for word tumid

(adj) ostentatiously lofty in style
Example Sentence
  • a man given to large talk
  • tumid political prose

(adj) abnormally distended especially by fluids or gas
Synonyms : intumescent , puffy , tumescent , turgid
Example Sentence
  • hungry children with bloated stomachs
  • he had a grossly distended stomach
  • eyes with puffed (or puffy) lids
  • swollen hands
  • tumescent tissue
  • puffy tumid flesh

(adj) of sexual organs; stiff and rigid
Synonyms : erect

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for tumid

tumid has the first three letters common with TUMOUR, which is a swollen mass or ball of cells. So tumid is swollen, or distended.
33       3

by tenzingocha

i go with tenzingocha..but u get confused with other words starting with TUM..so consider TUMID= TUMMY(stomach)+EXPANDED
10       5

by ajitvarma

tum(y)is bulged in id(festival)
3       2

by u.roopesh

TUMID and EXPANDED refer to something swollen or bulging out.
2       16

by pushpa_edit

tummy....is swollen.
2       3

by ritu1018

TUMID= Tummy + Increasing + Daily so swollen or distended
1       0

by mathrushree

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