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transport - Dictionary definition and meaning for word transport

(noun) something that serves as a means of transportation
Synonyms : conveyance

(noun) an exchange of molecules (and their kinetic energy and momentum) across the boundary between adjacent layers of a fluid or across cell membranes
(noun) the commercial enterprise of moving goods and materials
Synonyms : shipping , transportation

(noun) a state of being carried away by overwhelming emotion
Synonyms : ecstasy , exaltation , rapture , raptus
Example Sentence
  • listening to sweet music in a perfect rapture

(noun) a mechanism that transports magnetic tape across the read/write heads of a tape playback/recorder
Synonyms : tape drive , tape transport

(noun) the act of moving something from one location to another
(verb) move something or somebody around; usually over long distances
(verb) move while supporting, either in a vehicle or in one's hands or on one's body
Synonyms : carry
Example Sentence
  • You must carry your camping gear
  • carry the suitcases to the car
  • This train is carrying nuclear waste
  • These pipes carry waste water into the river

(verb) hold spellbound
(verb) transport commercially
Synonyms : send , ship

(verb) send from one person or place to another
Example Sentence
  • transmit a message

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for transport

TRANSPORT = TRANS + SPORT. Concentrate on the word sport. So, in order to be successful in any sport you have to be EMOTIONALLY STRONG.
6       6

by imajeeth

tranSPORT: Cricket is a SPORT to which there is very STRONG EMOTION of Indian's is attached
5       0

by krazykunzi

transport - TRANCE + SPORT = a sportive or joyous trance which means ecstacy , emotion
2       0

by shalnew

TRANSPORT or TRANSMIT or TRANSPLANT is to transfer or move something from one place to another.and when sm1 close 2 u get transferred u have strong sad emotion.
0       6

by pushpa_edit

when you take cocaine you are 'transported' to a state of 'strong emotion'
0       1

by saif_mohmd

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