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tractable - Dictionary definition and meaning for word tractable

(adj) easily managed (controlled or taught or molded)
Synonyms : manipulable
Example Sentence
  • tractable young minds
  • the natives...being...of an intelligent tractable disposition

(adj) readily reacting to suggestions and influences
Synonyms : amenable
Example Sentence
  • a responsive student

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for tractable

Tractable sounds like tractor ,which makes it easy to manage a field .
20       1

by balrajbalraj007

It is easy to 'Trace' a 'Table' in a house. So it is easily managable.
13       7

by rizvi

tractable:means someone can be put into track easily, thus easily managable
5       0

by saujan

TRACTABLE rhymes with TRAPPABLE.so someone who is trappable can EASILY INFLUENCED OR CONTROLLED
2       2

by imajeeth

TRACTABLE and FLEXIBLE are rhyming words with a similar meaning. Both words stand for someone who is easy to deal with or control.
2       1

by pushpa_edit

Think of the way the tread on a TRACTOR's tires MOLD the mud so easily because of the weight of the tractor.
1       1

by tivoli25

traction=movement so, tractable=can be moved easily i.e. easily manageable
1       0

by philophobic

something you are ABLE to keep a TRACK of
1       0

by joxeusindia

TRACTors were invented to make large equipment easier to move and control on any TRACT of land.
0       0

by dshefman

with track and table,we can easily manage things or easily work or deal
0       0

by laaptu

Note the similarity between tractable and tractor. Both come from the Latin word tractare, which originally meant "to drag about." You can think of a tractable person as someone who can be dragged about easily, like a plow.
0       0

by kiran443

if draw a table(time table) for anything it can b easily manged & easily understandable
0       0

by kruz

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