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stymie - Dictionary definition and meaning for word stymie

(noun) a situation in golf where an opponent's ball blocks the line between your ball and the hole
Synonyms : stymy

(noun) a thwarting and distressing situation
Synonyms : stymy

(verb) hinder or prevent the progress or accomplishment of
Synonyms : block , blockade , embarrass , hinder , obstruct , stymy
Example Sentence
  • His brother blocked him at every turn

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for stymie

Stymie is a negative word. Stymie means "tie me". i.e., prevent from moving forward.
134       2

by garrulous

sty- a sty in your eye blocks or prevents you from seeing
4       5

by PAC001

sounds a bit like stand in the way of.... which means preventing
1       6

by arvind_4

consistent with the software company's STYle, Microsoft IE crashes all the time to thwart and block my internet browsing.
1       5

by joeyessoe

A stye is a blocked oil gland in the eyelid.
1       3

by Rodeokinney

relates to TIE ME. when hot girl hug u and sali chad di nai
1       1

by tharki banda

[sty=stay,mie=me];an obstacle stays me[block-hinder]
1       0

by ehsan.m

The stemmie left over from the downed Red Wood is in my way!
0       4

by memory man

Stymie:Anything that makes me feel like a pygmy
0       5

by hmpai

stay in my way
0       3

by mgong03

WHY ME? always i have the obstacles in my path :(
0       2

by Thisisnotme

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