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scourge - Dictionary definition and meaning for word scourge

(noun) a whip used to inflict punishment (often used for pedantic humor)
Synonyms : flagellum

(noun) something causing misery or death
Synonyms : bane , curse , nemesis
Example Sentence
  • the bane of my life

(noun) a person who inspires fear or dread
Synonyms : terror , threat
Example Sentence
  • he was the terror of the neighborhood

(verb) punish severely; excoriate
(verb) whip
Synonyms : flagellate
Example Sentence
  • The religious fanatics flagellated themselves

(verb) cause extensive destruction or ruin utterly
Example Sentence
  • The enemy lay waste to the countryside after the invasion

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for scourge

SCOld with COURaGE :: We first scold a person and then give him punishment(which needs courage)
34       11

by rhasan

uncle scrooge ne severly punish kiya ducks ko
18       4

by anujgoyal87

Scourge=SCOld+URGE= From an urge to scold we give sever punishments like beating with a whip.
9       0

by Fardin

sco+urge...When we were children we used to get a WHIP if we had the URGE to have a SCO(op) of icecream
4       4

by nikki123

3       7

by userdce

sound like courage... Screw the courage....if we get caught thn we have to face "severe punishment"
3       1

by rahulbest

I hope u guys know this word 'Scoundrel'. We use this word to lash out a person when he has done something wrong and we punish him(whip).
3       1

by sandy1278

cour(a)ge is required to handle a whip
2       8

by kanikaarora

we shout when we are whipped, shout=scourge.
1       20

by daringdavin

SCOURGE or FLOG - to inflict pain by lashing out with a whip or a cane or something similar.
1       2

by pushpa_edit

Pronunciation : Skorj .. In old times, when you do not have money to end your KARJ, you were flogged to death in front of the village to set up as an example.
1       1

by rahularoradce

Scourge=if u dont Score Good in exam u will be punished.
1       0

by debaditya

scourge.sometime excessive courage causes great suffering bcoz it becomes overconfidence.
1       1

by gdabli

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