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resilient - Dictionary definition and meaning for word resilient

(adj) recovering readily from adversity, depression, or the like
(adj) elastic; rebounds readily
Synonyms : bouncy , live , lively , springy
Example Sentence
  • clean bouncy hair
  • a lively tennis ball
  • as resilient as seasoned hickory
  • springy turf

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for resilient

Resilient=RE(recover)+ EASILY+BENT. So, RESILIENT means something which RECOVERS EASILY when BENT.
20       4

by Saquib

re"SEAL"ient...sounds as in M SEAL"ient...which can be elastic and easily bent...hahahah
3       3

by nikhilsuhas

re + silent >>> when teacher makes small kids silent, they again make noise... ie they BOUNCE BACK WITH noise.. or rebellions sounding >>> rebellions BOUNCE BACK after they are curbed and that too again n again.
2       2

by RajeshBorkar

RESILIENt sounds like BRAZILIAN. Remember Brazilians dace moves , they bend; flexibility !!
2       0

by tentonguy

"See how Lenient"...flexible..easily bent..
0       2

by Thisisnotme

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