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perspicuity - Dictionary definition and meaning for word perspicuity

(noun) clarity as a consequence of being perspicuous
Synonyms : perspicuousness , plainness

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for perspicuity

per+SPIC+uity.. we know that SPICk and SPAN means to be extremely clean and tidy.. so perspicuity means clearness of expression without ambiguity..
17       5

by muffisoni

perspicuity-PERfect SPEaking about CU(I)TY relate it
14       2

by crazylooks

5       0

by dshefman

perspicuity ~ SPIC (speck) + uit (wit ; one meaning of wit is knowing,learning ability) ...so...spekless wit ... clear knowledge , freedom from ambiguity !
2       1

by khushi5

persPICuity, PIC stands for picture, and picture is worth a thousand words, clear expression.
2       0

by usairforce1985

cuity = clarity
2       0

by ank_85

a cuty must have a clear unambiguous voice to be able to work in a call center
1       0

by friendofafriend

whenever i see that CUITY i start PERSpiring...she is too hot...yes i have decided i am gonna marry her only...NO MORE AMBIGUITY IN MIND regarded this issue........you all r invited to my marriage.....lol...;)
1       0

by verbal800

Per+speculate= negative of speculation....speculation means believe with doubt...hence perspicuity means without any doubt
0       2

by kishu1987

after i see a cuity i vl appoint a PERson to SPI(spy) her.after i gets a clear report on cuity with out ambiguty i vl marry her
0       0

by kingofgre

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