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perfunctory - Dictionary definition and meaning for word perfunctory

(adj) hasty and without attention to detail; not thorough
Synonyms : casual , cursory , passing
Example Sentence
  • a casual (or cursory) inspection failed to reveal the house's structural flaws
  • a passing glance
  • perfunctory courtesy

(adj) as a formality only
Synonyms : pro forma
Example Sentence
  • a one-candidate pro forma election

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for perfunctory

PARAI(other's)+FACTORY - if you are told to take care of somebody else's factory, you would casually care about it
65       18

by userdce

per+FUNC+tory .. FUNC stands for function i.e. job.. so if you are doing a job quickly just to finish it and not caring enough about it.. doing job superficially.. it is called a perfunctory act..
27       30

by muffisoni

Perform+hurry....perform in a hurry....perfunctory....
17       3

by nileshdive

perfunctory has FUNCTionARY who is an official, we all know how officials approach their work.. they lack care, enthusiasm or interest in their work and do it just for formality
5       5

by fabregas

Many people think that the PERFect, FUN job would be to make a lot of money but not have to put much effort into the work.
5       2

by dshefman

per+FUN+FACTORY so working in the factory is not fun or interesting as you do same thing again and again so LACK INTEREST,U START DOING THINGS SUPERFICIALLY AND U HAVE NO ENTHUSIASM FOR THE WORK.
3       4

by killer0061

p+er+funct+ory--- ER(error) in FUNCT(function)—if there is error in function or something, that means IT IS DONE CARELESSLY, DONE CASUALY
3       1

by nikhilparasher

Picture a PERSON working a boring job on an assembly line in a FACTORY: a PERson FUNCKTORY
3       1

by Jackery

She thought "I'm perfect already, so why do I need to put any effort or care into this project?"
1       2

by KOGrad

Simply doing the function.
1       1

by AndrewVarghese

har (hindi every) function in perfunctory manner in this office
1       0

by fluxphoenix

per function if you have a specific time limit then you will do it superficially
1       0

by joxeusindia

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