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misanthrope - Dictionary definition and meaning for word misanthrope

(noun) someone who dislikes people in general
Synonyms : misanthropist

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for misanthrope

"misien"in greek means " to hate" and "anthropos" means "mankind" so misanthrope means one who hates mankind
10       4

by shiva.konar

Ms.Anthrope hates all humans
7       1

by abba

Mis-anthrope: miss anthro(pology) -study of human kind. Imagine saving the creatures of the universe, and leaving out humans. How dare you miss humanity ?!
2       2

by otimuz

Misanthrope is opposite of philanthropist(is a person who seeks to promote the welfare of others,especially by donating money to good cause),BillGates is a philanthropist he used to donate his property by Bill&MelindaGateFoundatio
2       1

by misc

anthropology = study of mankind..
1       7

by muffisoni

MISANTHROPE..its like dis..england batsmen graham THROPE hits evry bowler..dat means he HATES dem
1       0

by ragU

Think "Lycanthrope" because they hate humans and want to eat them
0       1

by Yank

anthropology..relating to mankind miss has a negative meaning( hit & miss) implies one who dislikes people
0       1

by thommichhan

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