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irascible - Dictionary definition and meaning for word irascible

(adj) quickly aroused to anger
Example Sentence
  • a hotheaded commander

(adj) characterized by anger
Synonyms : choleric
Example Sentence
  • a choleric outburst
  • an irascible response

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for irascible

concentrate on rasc- a rascal is one who is irritable, choleric, shor-tempered & hotheaded
58       2

by arvind_4

rascible sounds like "racist able". so, making racist remark can easily anger anyone...
11       8

by spirit

IRASCIBLE > Ira + scrible on the black board, for which the 'irascible'(easily angered, irritable) teacher hit her!
8       10

by avinav

"Ira" is the same root as irate, which means angry or enraged, and "ible," is from the root "able." So an irascible person is easily ABLE to become IRATE.
8       3

by viciousvegetable

Concentrate on the first 3 letters IRA- it is the tax department in US. They irritate you by sending letter with heavy penalty stating you have not filed your taxes. SO it gives anger and irritation
2       0

by dudadudi

The easily "erase-ible" ink made me easily angered. :)
1       3

by abba

If u r often harassed by ur friends, then it may mean dat u hav tendency of getting anger easily.
1       0

by sameersrinivas90

The IRA has made a SCIence of causing people to be irritaBLE and throw temper tantrums.
0       6

by joeyessoe

alms means givings...qualms means misgivings
0       4

by srivatsan

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